Strategic Objectives

1) YMCA Tees Valley will provide a range of age appropriate services for young people ensuring direct outcomes and improvements in the following areas;

  • Housing Service & Accommodation
  • Community Service
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Training & Education

2) YMCA Tees Valley will contribute to local, regional and national strategies and agendas in order to meet the needs identified within our local communities.

3) YMCA Tees Valley will improve outcomes for young people by developing and sharing best practice, implementing quality management systems and forging effective partnership work with external agencies across all sectors.

4) YMCA Tees Valley will, through the delivery of community services, encourage and facilitate fair representation of young people, youth led participation and an increased platform for young people voices to be heard.

5) YMCA Tees Valley will work creatively to ensure their sustainability and continued presence in Tees Valley.