Housing Services & Accommodation

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PSP – Positive Support Pathway


We provide Positive Support Pathway (PSP), this is a flexible housing support model for young people aged 16-25.  Its purpose is to provide effective support to homeless young people and those at risk of becoming homeless in Darlington.

The pathway provides access to end to end housing related support including:

  • Supported accommodation (Foyer)
  • Floating support
  • Dispersed accommodation
  • Family mediation services
  • Prevention work and awareness raising
  • 16/17 years protocol with a dedicated crash pad
  • Dedicated Looked After Children (LAC) units, (2 community based and 1 foyer based)
  • Pre-tenancy support
  • A range of activities, advice and guidance at the Hub

The PSP is a new way of working, seeking to reduce the numbers of homeless young people, ensuring that services work together to provide a co-ordinated pathway of interventions for independent living, reducing bounce back to services and tenancy failure.

The aim of the pathway is to support young people aged 16-25 to develop the skills needed to have a tenancy in the community and to live independently where ever that might be.

YMCA Tees Valley leads on PSP services, but the pathway is a partnership approach with DISC.  DISC provides dispersed units and floating support services, pre tenancy training, and tenancy match services for young people.

If you need information on housing give Karen Johnson a ring on 01325 462452 or send an email to  kjohnson@ymcateesvalley.org.uk

Floating Support


DISC delivers tenancy support services to young people to help them maintain a tenancy they have or to help them find suitable accommodation.

This floating support service is available for young people living in Darlington.

For further information speak to Karen Johnson on  01325 462452 or contact Disc on 01325 527837