Detached Youth Work – ‘No Bother’

The ‘No bother’ service supports and tackles community safety issues in order to reduce vulnerabilities of 14-25 years olds and wider communities drifting into anti-social/risk taking behaviour. The service is delivered through Detached Work across Darlington two nights a week.

The service supports young people to address risk taking behaviour and the impact on the wider community to reduce young people’s vulnerability to substance misuse, engagement in offending, anti-social behaviour and to promote increased community cohesion.

There are two detached workers, who work to remove barriers for young people to engage in mainstream services and provisions. To better enable young people to achieve their potentials in a detached youth work setting and targeted one-to-one sessions and also raise awareness through events for the local community.

The Detached Youth Workers work closely with other professionals to effectively identify risk issues for communities and young people including substance misuse, anti-social behaviour, mental health and criminality.

Give the Detached Workers a call on 01325 462452

‘No bother’ is funded by Darlington Community Safer Partnership .